Monday, August 25, 2008

What Kind of Reputation Do You Have?

Several years ago I proposed to the International Council of ACTION that we begin to prayerfully consider and look for the next International Director of the mission. A search committee was formed and each International Council member, director and leader of ACTION was free to recommend men to consider as the next International Director.

We were looking for a godly man who was sensitive, caring, zealous for God’s glory, passionate for evangelism and discipleship, and who had a special concern for the poor.

Everyone felt that Nelson Reed should be the next International Director and we asked him, but because of his commitment to ministry in the Philippines, he and his wife, Linda, declined. Nelson (who was serving as Associate International Director) and the other leaders continued to prayerfully look for the next director. However, we continued to ask Nelson and he continued to politely refuse.

As we began to look outside the mission to wonderful, godly leaders, each one said something to the effect of, “Why are you asking me? You have Nelson Reed! You don’t need me! You have Nelson!” What a wonderful reputation!

God continued to work in Nelson and Linda’s hearts and after three years, they accepted our invitation as they felt God was now leading Nelson into this position to the glory of God.

They asked for a span of two years before Nelson took over the position. It was great to work with Nelson during those two years of transition.

What reputation do you have? You may not have the gifts or calling of leadership, but you do have the calling to walk in the ways of Christ and to be a person as we read in Colossians 3:1, with a heart of compassion, kindness, gentleness, and humility. Let’s be the kind of people that are above reproach, who have a reputation that is glorifying to God.

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