Friday, August 8, 2008

Kent Fothergill and Older Missionaries

Several years ago, Kent Fothergill said to another ACTION missionary in Manila, “I want to die on the mission field. What greater joy could I have than doing what God called me to do and being where He wants me to be?” Kent died suddenly, two days later, of a heart attack at the age of almost 65! We are still in prayer for older (and younger) missionaries to take Kent’s place... long-term “older” missionaries in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Hudson Taylor was laboring vigorously on the mission field at age 69. J. Oswald Sanders ministered effectively into his later 80’s; and at age 85, Caleb wanted a mountain so that he could drive out a stronghold of giants. Yes, we want young people, but many “older folks” as well. Our prayer target is for over 200 additional missionaries. There is no reason they could not all be over 55 years of age! Why not?

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patrio said...

To be honestly speaking, I personally know Mr. Kent Fothergill. I was at the age of 10 and during his time, many among us were mistakenly calling him as Father Gill and later on I learned that his true name Kent Fothergill. His family, his wife Ate Chaty, her two daughter, Mary Catherine and Ruthelane, were also involved in reaching out the street children around Metro Manila and helping them to know Jesus Christ. The word "A Work Never Ashamed" or simply "AWANA club," is the word that I will never be forget, because of the love and devotion that I saw with the Fothergills, especially the head of the family, Mr. Kent. He taught how to gave importance on myself and encourages me to developing my hidden talents. I still remember him when he first came visit at the orphanage, the CGM or Chrst Greater Manila located in Cavite. I am staying there for more or less than two years. One time he approached me and asked me what is my name and after answering his question, he told me that I have potential talents because I am the youngest to be included in the automobile training program. we have great connections and lots of unforgetable memories, because of his character as a goofy person.
When the orphanage let me stay in their house in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines. But, because it was not easy for me to stay or confined in one place even I am free to go any where or I was just to naughty that time, I broke his trust from me, I came back to my previous bad habit (self intoxication) and we apart although he still visiting me when he was still alive, but try to ignore him because I want to do my capricious not to control by any one or maybe because of the spirit of the chemical I abuse. However, I felt sorry for my self because I never got a chance to put a glance to Mr. Kent when I learned his demise. All his advice and teachings he imparted to me I applied and now I know that he is very proud of me ,because I am now continuing to pursue my studies in college of law and now on the right track taking care my own family. I hope this message will be read by Mr. Kent's Families for this is only way that I could express my gratitude and that I am very great-full that God had given me the opportunity to met such very kind and loving family.

Patrio T. Señeres Jr.