Monday, February 23, 2015

Theistic Evolution: Really?

Recently several friends, Margaret and I were discussing the inroads of the teaching of evolution in the church. Even some former evangelical seminars are teaching theistic evolution; that God used evolution to accomplish His purposes of creation.

God's Word, however, teaches otherwise. Genesis says, God only "spoke" and the world came into being, and in only six days. The book of Exodus repeats this several times as does Psalms.

Some "Christians" are now even teaching that the first few chapters of the Bible are allegorical and even that there was no Adam and Eve, even though the Old and New Testaments clearly teach a historical creation, Adam and Eve.

Why is it so difficult to believe what God's Word says about creation, miracles, man/women marriage, homosexuality, sin, heaven, hell, godliness, and salvation in Christ and Him alone? Simple faith in God's Word can answer many questions and issues troubling the church and the world today.