Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Do We Break Christian Fellowship Over Dancing and Drinking?

Let's be careful about cutting off friends, relatives, and, especially, other Christians over matters we may not agree on -- matters (and even personal convictions) about personalities and practices like sipping wine, drinking beer, and dancing.

There are some Christian speakers that I do not appreciate at all, but I have friends who think he is great. So, do we break fellowship? Cannot we fellowship in Christ and still not agree on personalities who we like or do not?

Alcohol helped destroy my family so the day the Lord brought me to Himself, I gave it up immediately! To me it seems as if Scripture teaches that we as believers should not drink, but some of my Christian friends feel they are "free" to do so. (The book of Proverbs teaches that leaders definitely should not drink, and as all Christians are to be leaders and examples in life. Perhaps this shows none of us should drink.) So, do I break fellowship with them or do they break with me labeling me a legalist?

Dancing has hit the church big time – dancing at weddings, parties, etc. it is amazing to see how many Christians know all the modern songs and "dancing moves." Drinking, parties, and dancing were my life; so when Christ saved me, I gave it up! And yes, it still bothers me to see how so many of my fellow brothers and sisters dance at weddings, Christmas presentations, dramas, and even church-sponsored activities. But, my question again is, do I break fellowship with fellow godly believers who feel perfectly fine with "shaking it up a little?"

So dear friends, let's settle these matters in our own hearts, and be careful about separating ourselves from other godly men and women because of personalities or practices.

God's Word says, "Let your gentle spirit be known to all men. The Lord is near." (Philippians 4:5). Today is a good day to be "gentle" with each other!