Wednesday, May 4, 2016

​Grandfatherly Advice to Young Christian Ladies (and their parents)

"Don't embarrass yourself, your parents and friends with immodest dress!"

The end of the school year is near, and there will be parties and proms to attend. Be careful how you dress. Don't feel you have "to show it all." It will demean you and cause boys to think less of you and take advantage of you. If you look cheap, you will be treated as cheap and easy.

Young ladies, you can dress beautifully in a dress that is not skin tight, shoulder-less and revealing immodest!
Dress to bless and not causing embarrassment or awkwardness for all who see you.

A Word to Christian Parents:
Pray and think twice before allowing your daughters (and sons) to attend school proms. Nothing good can come from it. Sexual looseness is on display and dancing doesn't help. Sponsor a formal dinner for teens with an emphasis on godly Christian character with other evangelical churches. An exceptionally fun time can be planned for the enjoyment of all. The teens can then return home from a good time rather than in shame and a seared conscience.

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