Thursday, April 21, 2016

Church-centered Adoption

I recently finished reading again the excellent book, Adopted for Life, (The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families and Churches) by Russell Moore. 

Here are my quotes from the book which will be circulated worldwide.

Perhaps in the future, the Lord will lead you and your church leaders to encourage adoption (James 1:27) in your church, and also to have a church-sponsored fund which all in the church can give. This would greatly assist a couple with the huge financial expense of adoption. This is not difficult and would not affect other church expenses in any way.

For example: If 100 adults in your church would each set aside only $2.78 daily (cup of coffee) for three months (90 days) this would result in a total of $25,000, which would completely cover the cost of one, perhaps even two adoptions! Even with a small salary, Margaret and I can do this ($5.56 together for 90 days). So can you.

Perhaps this is something you and your church would prayerfully consider to the glory of God and for the life of a child. As our Father in Heaven adopted you into His family, you can adopt an orphan into yours; they would, therefore, not be an orphan anymore.

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