Thursday, June 25, 2015

What are the Steps in Choosing a Ministry International Leader?

Over the last two years it has been interesting and refreshing to work on articles for publication and helping compile two books on Christian Servant Leadership.

Even in my old age, I have recently been involved in church, organization, and missions leadership development and continue to learn much. Yes, there is so much to continually learn and grow to the glory of God.

Through a study of interviews, much reading, and leadership experience, I have discovered that the character qualities needed in any Christian leadership responsibility are HUMILITY and Christlike SERVANTHOOD!

With these in mind as the foundational characteristics of Christian leadership in ministry, how do missions and ministries prayerfully appoint one to lead any ministry and especially an international one and as the General Director?

Perhaps we could begin with the following CHARACTERISTICS: (What do you think?)

1. One who is already a servant leader; one who serves others rather than expecting to be served.
2. One who is respected for his godly character and lifestyle and is looked upon as a servant.
3. One whose previous ministries have expanded and matured. What has he accomplished for the ministry?
4.One who practices Pastoral/Member Care; has workers and missionaries been cared for, checked on, and encouraged under his previous and present leadership? (One thing I hear often from the "common folk," is the lack of concern of the leaders for them or their work).
5. One who fulfills the biblical qualifications of servant/elder leadership, especially for a Christian ministry.
6. One who has a proven record of caring for national workers, serving and honoring them rather than having them serve him and his comfort needs.
7. One who is an experienced networker for the help of other ministries as well as his own.
8. One who knows the Word and is able to communicate and apply it in all situations and especially in encouraging team members in their growth in Christ and maturity in their ministries.
9. One who shows a desire and passion for the ministry and expansion, or is he content only to manage what's going on. (One who leads, not just maintains).
10. One who is friendly, kind, and outgoing with a real interest and Christlike concern and compassion for others.

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