Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Reaching Catholics with the Gospel in the Philippines

Catholics are known as Christians in name but not belief. Instead of believing solely in "saving faith by grace through faith in Christ alone," their faith is based upon tradition, like going to mass, praying to Mary, bowing down to idols, etc., all in addition to faith in Christ.

We are asked why there is so much emphasis on sharing the gospel in the Philippines if it is already a Catholic country. It is simply because in a country of 100 million people, perhaps only 10%, as evangelical Christians, trust in Christ alone and not works for salvation. This leaves 90 million people without the Gospel; ninety million men and women, boys and girls!

Pray for the evangelical church in the Philippines and for many more Christian workers and missionaries to take the gospel to the poor and the rich, the students and the prisoners, and the many tribal groups and the 1.5 million street children.

"Go therefore to all nations with the gospel..." Matthew 38:19-20

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Darryl Jordan said...

Are there any good materials on understanding and reaching the Filipino?