Thursday, July 17, 2014

Four Hundred Ten (410) Older Men (PTEs) Needed for Training and Encouraging Needy Filipino Pastors

In the Philippines there is an estimated 41,000 untrained/undertrained pastors. Most live in the rural areas earning less than $20 monthly. Many have no books or study bibles for study for ministry or personal growth. They have little or no help from their small local church and need much encouragement and training. Each PTE (Pastoral Trainer/Encourager), age 40-75, could work out of major populated areas in mentoring, giving seminars, holding retreats and conferences for local pastors and in the rural areas beyond. For one PTE to work with 100 needy pastors, there is, therefore, a need for 410 PTE's for the Philippines. For more information, contact Bruce Ingram of Action International ( or Mike Bucher of GROW International (

As all missionaries, each PTE missionary will need to raise personal monthly support and ministry expense and be sent by an evangelical church(es).

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