Thursday, May 22, 2014

​Even So, Come Lord Jesus

Christmas 1963, my first year of Bible School, was one of the best ever. A few other students and I were not able to go home for the break, so we remained at school that very cold winter. On Christmas Day, my good friend Bill Sloan and I were enjoying early morning coffee and began to discuss "The Second Coming,” something I as a new believer knew nothing about. Bill began to teach me all he knew and we went through passage after passage becoming more and more excited as the day sped by. We paused to eat a special Christmas dinner in the dining hall and then went back to our room to study some more. My oh my, what a wonderful, exciting day in the Word of God learning what it says about the second coming of our Lord. Perhaps it has been a while since we spent a whole day in the Word with friends. Let’s not wait for Christmas to do it! "All Scripture is profitable..." (2 Tim 3:16), so let's spend much time in it.

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