Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Do You Have a Good Used Laptop to Sell (or Donate)?

Our partners in the Philippines, Christian Growth Ministries (CGM) and Grow International Ministries (and many needy pastors), could really use laptop computers for their ministries of administration and especially of the gospel and compassion to the poor!

Perhaps you have a good used laptop you would SELL at a reasonable price or DONATE to the ministry. You can contact me at my email: nichols.doug@gmail.com for info of price, etc.

These can be sent through the post office to: Doug Nichols, 200 Mt Park Blvd SW, A-103, Issaquah! Wa 98027-3647.

The Laptops will be repacked and hand carried or shipped to the Philippines will be a great help to the ministries of CGM and GROW the glory of God. Please pray with us about this need. Thank you!

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