Friday, December 6, 2013

How Does New Tribes Mission Do It? By Doug Nichols

Over the last 44 years I have networked with New Tribes Mission (NTM) and know many of their missionaries and leaders mainly in the Philippines, Canada, and the US. The following are a few observations:

a. The goal of the 3200 NTM missionaries is to plant churches among the unreached tribal groups worldwide.

b. All the missionaries go through the same training which puts all on the same page with goals, principles and practices. They all speak with the same voice.

c. The training majors on purpose, biblical cohesiveness, and godly character with missionaries being held accountable in these areas.

d. The NTM home offices worldwide take NO administration fees except for less than 1% for a contingency emergency fund. Each home office is responsible to raise its own local funding needs, but not from the funds of the missionaries it serves.

e. Leaders are appointed and voted on by each field and changed as needed. There is no possibility of dictatorship in the mission. According to policy, a county leader can be replaced by the international leadership team.

Results: NTM seems to be growing with the same intensity and passion as in it's early days. If your mission or ministry seems to be stuck and just existing, than perhaps you should seriously and prayerfully emulate some of these NTM policies and procedures, replace most of your leadership and some of your non-functioning missionaries and rebuild for the glory of God!

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