Friday, December 20, 2013

Do I Read Driscoll?

As I travel and speak, I need to be careful in how I answer questions concerning authors, pastors, and leaders, people have come to almost idolize. One pastor and writer, who I am asked about from my area, is Mark Driscoll. Trying not to offend, I ask them if they are tolerant of others opinions? If they answer yes, then I simply answer that I have never read anything Driscoll has written, or listened to a sermon by him. The reason is that I have met him, had a meal with him, and learned of several controversies he has been involved in (rudeness, crude speech in the pulpit, obsessed with speaking on sex an inappropriate matter, and from my team whom I sent to hear him and would not go back). So why waste time with reading and listening to someone who you would not learn from to be more like Christ? By the way, I hear of controversies often of Driscoll, but never see him quoted!

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