Friday, October 18, 2013

Shepherds Should Be All Over the Place

 At a large church missions conference the pastors, elders, leaders and many staff of the church were on the whole nowhere to be seen. The nonparticipation (and non-presence) was VERY discouraging to the many volunteers who worked extremely hard and for many hours towards the success of the conference. Pastor/Shepherds are to care for ALL the sheep and be everywhere; in the front leading, in the mud rescuing, and in the back encouraging. Elders, leaders and pastors cannot be everywhere but should differently be at ALL major events such as weddings, anniversaries, memorials and yearly mission conference. Yes, it might be boring and is not your thing, but it goes with the responsibilities of a shepherd.

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Mel Rose said...

Thank you for writing all that you do on your blog! I have very much enjoyed reading and will continue to do so. Thank you also for your presence at Missions Fest and your willingness to 'pass the baton' to Justin and I! We were very encouraged by that, and it is something we will always remember. You and Margaret's devotion to serving the Lord is inspiring to us, and we were honored to have met you and talked with you (in between the chasing-down of our kids)!

In Christ,
Melissa Foltz