Thursday, April 18, 2013

Escaped Through Burma (Myanmar)

Recently we had a Chinese couple in our home, who reside in Canada, and run their own successful restaurant.  They escaped from China over thirteen years ago through Burma walking for 24 hours through the jungle to Burma and then to Thailand.  The UN considered them refugees and they were able to immigrate to Canada.  They are now Canadian citizens, and he running for town council in their small town.

They came to faith in Christ through difficulties, mainly watching their relatives suffer for Christ under the Communist regime. 

They interviewed Dad (Walter) Jespersen concerning his ministry and life in China and where Margaret was raised until she was 6. 

They are presently involved with the underground church and various ministries that help the poor church and its physical and spiritual needs.

Suffering Leads to Christ.

It is amazing as we heard their testimony how much the grace of God led them to the Savior by watching the suffering of others and also their own suffering.  It was the fear of the jungle that caused the young man to look to God and to call out Him and His mercy.

Later, he came to faith in Christ while suffering in Thailand.

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