Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Have the Audacity!

Several years ago, friends and supporters of ours asked us to write their son and encourage him to come with ACTION to serve as a writer with our ministry. I and explained what the father had said and encouraged him to prayerfully consider serving with ACTION in the Philippines, especially to serve in photo-journalism in our work with the extreme poor, street and underprivileged children, and prisoners.

His letter of response was quite shocking as his first words were, “You have the audacity to think that I would even consider such an offer. Why would I want to leave America to take my family to a place that is hot and unsafe?”

In contrast, let me share a letter to a mission board from a young man wanting to serve in Latin America:

"While I feel a general call to South America, I feel a special call to Brazil. I believe at present that we have no station in Brazil. I know too that the missionary funds are always insufficient to meet the demands. I am also aware that the opening up of new fields is always hard, slow, and sometime discouraging work. I realize too my woeful lack of experience; but I believe if you will give me a chance, that God will see me through. If you cannot send me to Brazil, and have some other place to which no one else cares to go, let me have that place. I am not looking for an easy place, but somewhere, some little corner of God’s great vineyard where I can spend my life for Him who gave Himself for me."

Yours to do or die for the Master,
Robert C. Ingram

“Sent Forth By The Holy Ghost (The Life of R.C. Ingram)” by Gideon B. Williamson

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