Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What Pictures Do You Have on your Wall and Who do You Pray for?

Margaret and I were able to visit her Uncle Harvey Jespersen, living in a very small room in a retirement home in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada. After only a 2 ½-hour visit, Margaret and I left greatly encouraged in our walk with God and with a determination to share our resources and the years remaining in our lives to the glory of God!

Uncle Harvey is 89 and has served the Lord faithfully in ministry to orphans, the needy, and foster children for over 60 years, with possibly millions of dollars passing through his hands for the work of the Lord. Yet here he is now, in a small room with no earthly treasures, rejoicing in the Lord and stating, “What need I more? The Bible says to be content with food and raiment, and I am content!” Uncle Harvey’s room is filled with pictures, some of family, but mostly of missionaries from around the world for whom he prays daily.

Each day he rises at 5:30 a.m. and prays for missionaries who serve in different parts of the world. On Monday he prays for Asia, on Tuesday, Africa, on Wednesday, North America, on Thursday, South America, on Friday, Europe, and on Saturday, the islands of the world including the Philippines. Each Sunday he prays for family members, friends, and each pastor of the local evangelical churches in the town where he lives. He regularly writes each pastor ensuring them of his prayer. What a man of God!

As Margaret and I left after our short visit she said, “When I get to be 89, I would like to be like Uncle Henry.” I reiterated, “So would I.” To be happy in the Lord and content with only food and raiment, daily giving ourselves to the Lord in prayer and praise for the Gospel and His compassionate care to go to the ends of the earth should be the goal of each of us.

Uncle Harvey is truly happy, thankful, and holy. Might we all follow in his steps to the glory of God!

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