Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quality, not Quantity, When Reading Books

Charles Spurgeon counseled his students to be discriminating about what they read, and to bathe in good books "until they saturate you." He said, "A student will find that his mental constitution is more affected by one book thoroughly mastered than by twenty books merely skimmed." But which books to choose? Each year in ministry, leaders find there are more books to read and less time to read them. (, The Golden Canon, Friday December 26, 2008)

Let me list 14 of the 49 books I have read over the last fourteen months which I consider quality books which will encourage you to grow in your walk with God and ministry of the glorious Gospel to others.

From time to time, I will read books that I wish I would not have read. I must admit, I did start reading some of The Shack and Wild at Heart but became so discourage with the misuse of the Word of God that I had to set them aside for my own sake, rather than fill my mind with such untruth.

I trust you will read and enjoy these 14 books and learn much of history, the Word of God and growth in Christ to the glory of God.

The 14 books are as follows:

A Godward Life by John Piper
Bitesize Theology by Peter Jeffry
The Courage to be Protestant by David Welss
The Expository Genius of John Calvin by Dr. Steven Lawson
Heaven by Randy Alcorn
The Law of Kindness by Mary Beeke
Marks of a Healthy Church by Mark Dever
On Being Black and Reformed (The New Perspective on the African American Christian Experience ) by Anthony J. Carter
The Prayer of Our Lord by Philip Ryken
Slavery and Christianity (Paul’s Letter to Philemon) by James Robbins
The Truth War by John MacArthur
Voices Against Slavery (Ten Christians Who Spoke Out For Freedom) by Catherine House
War of Words by Paul David Tripp
Why We’re Not Emergent by Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck

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