Monday, April 6, 2009

A One-horse Operation

Recently my wife and I heard a well-known (and yes, famous) elderly missionary speak. God has certainly used this wonderful man of God.

As he shared his testimony, he spoke of writing several missions in his early days as he checked on which one to join for missionary service. It was interesting to hear his comments about several missions which he considered to be only “one-horse operations.”

I felt sad at this statement and what it conveyed to the hearers. It is so bad to be small? Does not any ministry start small? All missions started with only one or two people.

Even Jesus began by calling only twelve disciples, He began with the first one.

There are over 440 missionary-sending agencies in the USA and Canada, and the majority are small missions of 15 people or less. Most have very effective ministries to the glory of God!

I am sure the missionary statesman did not intend to criticize or judge small missions. We should all praise God for small faithful churches and missions worldwide who sacrificially minister the Gospel and compassionate care to millions daily.

For who has despised the day of small things?(Zechariah 4:10, nasb).

Praise God for “one-horse operations,” that may be small but alive and doing the job for Christ’s sake!

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