Friday, March 20, 2009

Should we pray God's Judgment on Murderers of Children?

On a ministry trip in Africa, my wife Margaret and I witnessed some of the 20,000 children, toddlers to age 17 years, walking to the northern Uganda city of Gulu to sleep on the streets, in makeshift shelters, in dirt floor school buildings, and on hospital grounds.

They came to Gulu nightly to try to escape the killing and kidnapping by the demonic, blasphemous, terrorist rebel group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), headed by the wicked Joseph Kony. Over the last 20 years, the Kony terrorists have slaughtered thousands in northern Uganda and abducted 25,000 children and is doing it again in Uganda and the Congo!

There are many terrorist and rebel groups worldwide who use varying degrees of violence. The Kony terrorists, however, specifically target children, murdering and kidnapping them for child-soldiers, slaves, and concubines.

Would it be right for God’s people worldwide to pray Psalm 35 in regards to the wicked Kony terrorist; to pray on behalf of the war-torn children of northern Uganda for the glory of God?

Should we pray as Christians the following from Psalm 35:1-8:

(vs. 1) “Contest, O Lord, with those who contend with the [children of northern Uganda]. Fight against the [wicked demonic Kony terrorist] who fight [kidnap, rape, and slaughter] against the [war town needy children].”
(vs. 2) “…rise up for [the children’s] help.”
(vs. 3) “Draw the spear … to meet [the Kony murderers] who pursue [the children].”
(vs. 4) “…let those [wicked terrorists] be turned back… who devise evil against [the children of Uganda and the Congo].”
(vs. 5) “Let ways [of the violent Kony rebels] be dark and slippery, with the angel of the Lord pursuing them on.”
(vs. 8) “Let destruction come upon [the wicked Konites] unawares … into that very destruction let [these slaughterers of children] fall.”

Whether you feel about praying the above or not, please pray for the terrified children of northern Uganda and the Congo and pray that Joseph Kony, the “slayer of widows … and murderer of orphans” (Psalm 94:6) will be brought to an end; “O Lord, God of vengeance, shine forth.” (Psalm 94:1).

On behalf of the children of northern Uganda and the Congo,

Doug Nichols
Action International Ministries

Action International Ministries (ACTION) is an evangelical mission of 240 missionaries emphasizing evangelism, discipleship and development especially in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. The prayer target of ACTION is for an additional 200 missionaries to take the gospel and compassionate care to the needy of the world, especially children.


rachelynn said...
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rachelynn said...

perhaps in praying that, we should pray earnestly for christ to be most glorified. that his name be hallowed. paul says his heart's desire and prayer is that they may be saved.

i ask, if the lord wills, for kony and members of his army to be penetrated by the wrath of our god. that they will fall to their knees in the conviction of their horrific sins. by the power of our savior's blood they will surrender to jesus and confess their sins before him in entire shame of their heinous acts against the only good one. and our god, who conquered all sin, can conquer the work of the evil one's reign in the LRA. there is hope in the salvation-- the jews and the gentiles. there is hope for those consumed by and operating in hate. there is hope in christ.

i am asking god to assert himself boldly in my prayers for Uganda, and to vindicate his people.