Monday, March 30, 2009

David Livingstone, The Truth Behind the Legend

It has been interesting to read the book David Livingstone, The Truth Behind the Legend by Rob MacKenzie. He preached the Gospel throughout the interior of Africa and helped expose the slave trade which was devastating the continent. Slaves from the East Coast were sent to Arab lands and slaves from the West Coast had previously gone to the Caribbean, West Indies, and the Americas.

I have noted several references to sinful effects slavery had on pre-Civil War USA slavery:

1. Slavery took away the freedom rights of another.
2. It seared the conscience of slave owners and promoters; even godly men and women beat and abused slaves on a regular basis.
3. Slavery abused families – broke up God’s institution of marriage and the family.
4. It was the sin of kidnapping (man stealing) which is forbidden in the Old and New Testaments. Selling yourself for a number of years to pay a debt is one thing, but kidnapping a man or woman to take away one’s rights is another matter under the judgment of God.
5. Slavery broke the original Constitution of the United States which assured freedom of all.

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