Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Useless or Strategic Ministry?

Recently while on an early morning walk in Manila, I noticed an older, filthy, mentally-handicapped man surrounded by his meager possessions. I felt compelled to speak with him at least show some measure of kindness. There was no response, just glazed, lifeless eyes, not even focusing on the one speaking to him.

I decided to help him and gave him the delicious bread which I had purchased for breakfast. He said nothing as he took the bread and began to eat.

Years ago a noted Christian leader said, "All souls are precious, but not all souls are strategic." In other words, spend your time with the people of prestige who can influence others, not some poor man on the street.

Well, I sure blew it this morning, wasting time on an old, mentally-deranged dirty man living on the streets. Useless ministry or was it?

Jesus said, I was hungry and you gave me food …,(Matthew 25:35, esv). He also said, If you love me, you will keep my commandments,(John 14:15, esv).

Perhaps my bread-giving was not useless after all. If given in Jesus’ Name, for His sake, and in obedience to Him, how more strategic can you get?

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