Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Leaders, Wise Up!

"Do not be wise in your own eyes...Wisdom is with those who receive counsel" (Proverbs 3:7; 13:10).

Over the years I have fellowshiped and worked with many pastors, ministry and mission leaders worldwide. Some were wonderful, humble, servant leaders whose ministries were maturing and advancing for the glory of God, but sadly many were not. They were proud "know it alls" taking advice and counsel from no one. They were the boss, in charge, dictators, who made all the decisions.

Our son is a missionary teacher and basketball coach in the Philippines. The team is doing well and at present winning most of their games by a wide margin. His coaching style could well be emulated by Christian leaders. Even though he is the head coach, he requests and receives advice and suggestions, even during a game, from his assistant coaches as well as the players.

Even though he is the "boss," he seeks not to be "wise in his own eyes" to all aspects of the game and, therefore, asks for help in those areas of the game he may not see.

This is a good example for Christian leaders. We need to be humble, willing to listen to others on your staff and team, to be open to other points of view, and even for rebuke for what may seem to others of your ungodly lifestyle, pride and selfishness in ministry.

If the ministry is not maturing and advancing and you are not willing to change, it might be a good time for the board and others on your team to recommend that you step aside for the good of the organization to the glory of God!

Let us seek to be servant leaders; wise in God's ways and wisdom, not in our own!

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