Thursday, July 20, 2017

9 Steps for Planning a Mission Conference in Your Church

by Mike Pettengill

Church organized missions conferences are a valuable tool in raising awareness of global evangelism and in helping Christ’s disciples better understand the importance and urgency of reaching the lost. When done well a church-run mission conference can bring great glory to the Lord. When done poorly a missions conference can actually impede a church’s impact in participating in God’s Great Commission.

The concept of God’s disciples living out the spread of his gospel is a foundational issue of the Christian faith. The local church is biblically how God intends to train, support and send missionaries. A well done mission conferences can be a major factor in this process.

There are, however, just as many examples of mission conferences done poorly as there are examples of them done well. Read more ...

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sessb11 said...

A few years ago you made a comment that claimed that Christian missionaries shipwrecked on an island and died of starvation. Can you provide a reference for that story? I have googled it but cannot find anything about it.


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