Monday, November 21, 2016

Where O Where? It's Over There, or There, or It Could Be Over There

Recently I went to a very large hardware store to purchase a needed product.

I did not know where to look so approached two employees to ask help. They were talking so I waited politely next to them. However, neither acknowledged me, and when they finished talking, both of them walked away in different directions!

So I approached another walking towards me, but he did not stop when I asked him for help to find where an item was located; he simply pointed and said “Over there”. Now where was "there?" as he had pointed towards 3500 or so shelves covering half an acre!

I came to what I thought maybe "there" and asked another worker who said, " I don't know, look on the shelf over there." I went over there, but what shelf?

After 15 minutes looking at several shelves there and there and there, I finally had to leave.

When my wife asked what took so long, she looked confused when I simply said, "I was there and there and there. Where I do not know, but ‘over there’."

​Do we as Christians do something similar to make it difficult for people to hear and know the one place to obtain salvation, forgiveness of sin, redemption, how to go to heaven or do we simply point quickly in any directions and say "over there," or do we take them by the hand and lead them directly to the Savior through the Gospel?

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Arthur Roshkovski said...

good point ive felt like that and still do sometimes i think we need training but more so radical hands on outreach by faith like early days of OM learning what works through failures and Holy Spirit and becoming seasoned soldiers