Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pray For --Yes. Respect and Honor --Very Difficult.

If an official or government leader claims to be a Christian, but yet lives a life of deceit, lies and falsehood, is there a place for rebuking this brother/sister even though he is leader?

We pray for them, yet we drop our heads in shame at outward actions which bring shame to Christ in a wicked world.

Today, one world leader says he is a Christian; however, it is very difficult to even listen to him because of his constant deceit, and his pushing the flagrant wicked agendas of abortion, Planned Parenthood, gay marriage, transgenderism, fraudulent debt, racism, Islam, anti-Constitutionalism, and the failure to care for the people and country he swore to care for and defend.

Is such a person to be held accountable for his actions by the church and fellow believers or are we just to overlook his sinful behavior because he is a leader and only submit and pray for?

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