Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Wickedness of Man's Heart - Joining ISIS

In the American Civil War of the late 1800's, many immigrants came from countries in Europe to join the Union Army (northern states) to fight against the Confederate states. Why? These volunteer soldiers, many who could not even speak English, wanted to fight against slavery!

However, today volunteers are traveling to Iraq and Syria, to join the wicked, moral-less, violent ISIS, not to free an oppressed people but to kill, slaughter and put many into slavery! Not to set others free, but to kill and enslave! 

ISIS = Evil. 

As Christians, lets pray that God will, by His mercy, help the needy and helpless under ISIS control, and deal with these wicked in grace and mercy (and to pray for leaders of nations to fulfill their responsibility of protecting their people and punish the evil that surrounds them.)

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