Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Just Asking? "Why is the Monkey on the Church Stage All Locked Up and with Drums None-the-less?"

Why are the drums in a prominent place on the platform in churches with the drummer locked up behind a glass cage? I assume it is to keep the noise down. If it is just for the noise, why not put them in the back or side room?

It is really strange seeing these drummers locked up in a cage. I wonder how they feel? (Recently just as the pastor of the church we visited got up to speak the man in the cage slipped out. It really did look like a monkey escaping his cage!).

If the worship team really wants to lead worship, they and the drummer could be off to the side of the platform so they would not be such a distraction and simply lead the congregation in hymns and choruses giving praise to God. They would, therefore, not look as if they are performing with a monkey in a cage and they could still dress in sloppy jeans and shoes, and no one would notice and complain. Why not?

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