Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Call for Street Children Ministry in Metro Manila

Jesus said, "Allow the children to come to Me and do not hinder them" (Mark 10:14).  Although no one would purposely hinder street children from coming to Jesus, but what are you and I doing to make it easy for them to come to Him?

There are up to 200,000 street children in the seventeen cities that make up Metro Manila, a world major metropolis with up to 25 million people (on a week day).

This is equal to about 12,000 street children on the streets in each of these 17 cities for a total of 200,000. 

These street children are involved in prostitution, drugs, and violence.  Many of these little children (ages 4-12) have no food, education, health care, clean water, a safe place to sleep, or adult care or supervision.
God's people, the evangelical church, could rally and form a Street Children Ministry in each area of Metro Manila.  This major citywide ministry could consist of midnight evangelistic and feeding outreaches, day care locations, drop-in centers, as well as orphanages, homes for abandoned/runaway children, and camps.

Each of the seventeen cities of Metro Manila could pray and work toward having at least twelve full time street children workers with 24 to 48 weekly volunteers from local evangelical churches.

Perhaps God would lead you to work toward organizing a street children ministry for the gospel and compassionate care for the 200,000 children on the streets of Metro Manila and the 1.5 million nationwide.

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Justin Foltz said...

Thought you would enjoy this if you haven't heard of it. This by knowledge is the largest metro Manila ministry targeting youth and young adults. Greg Lyons with Global Surge.