Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Would You Suffer for Our Lord?

In the excellent book, “We Felt Like Grasshoppers (the story of Africa Inland Mission)” by Dick Anderson.  He shares the story of a young Christian in Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo) in the 1930s who was willing to suffer for Christ.

  “A young man, blind in one eye, asked if he could go to teach the Babendi.  Paul Stough warned Tomasi that they might beat him, starve him, perhaps kill him.  ‘But Bwana’, he replied, ‘The Lord Jesus suffered for me; certainly I can suffer a little for him.’

“The Bendi Chief arrested Tomasi, put a rope around his neck and commanded the soldiers to force him to run to the government centre.  Wherever they rested, villagers enquired why he was detained.  He replied, ‘For preaching the gospel of Jesus who died for your sins’ and went on to tell them the way of salvation.  Imprisoned at the government post, he passed on the same message to the guard.  Next morning the judge ordered him to be laid on the ground and lashed with a hippo-hide whip.  He thanked God for the soldier assigned to flay him, ‘My preaching the previous night made him friendly and he did not hit me as hard as he should.’ Released, he continued to preach and God established churches among the Babendi.” [p. 318-319].

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