Thursday, November 15, 2012

How Did I Vote and the Welfare of the Country

People ask me who I voted for in the recent US elections.  I simply say, “I voted for you! I voted for the welfare of America.  

I voted for the poor that they would be able to have meaningful jobs and employment.  I voted for low taxes to enable business to flourish to hire more immigrants and others.  I voted for the welfare of America in the world with a strong military.  I voted for the future help and welfare of Israel.  I voted for the rights and life of the unborn. I voted for the poor immigrants that they would be able to have legalization of citizenship and opportunities for employment.  I voted for the sanctity of families that little boys and girls would have a mother and father, a home where the father has meaningful work, and if need be, the wife also.  

I voted for education, schools that have parental influence in the education of their children. I voted not for falsehood, but truth. I voted for proper health care and being able to choose any doctor, and not be strapped with a huge bureaucratic system with long lines and delayed care like Europe and Canada. 

I voted for a balanced budget and no debt so that my children and grandchildren will not be under the bondage of governmental bureaucracy.  I voted for energy independence providing inexpensive fuel for all, especially the poor, as well as providing many jobs.

When I was a child, I thought as a child and, therefore, I thought that others and the world would care for me. I believed in Santa Claus who would give me anything I wanted.  But when I became older, I stopped believing in Santa Claus.  However, I am ashamed to say that most of my country voted for Santa who would give free abortion, free contraceptives, free food, free medical care, free everything, not realizing that suddenly they will be slaves on Uncle Sam’s plantation.

However, as Christians we are to “seek the welfare of the city [the country]” we are living.  To be a light of the gospel in the darkness that people may in repentance and faith, trust Christ and grow in Him to His glory.

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