Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Missionaries Needed to Serve in Prison Ministry in the Philippines.

Please pray for God to send missionaries to join us in prison. We need people (or a couple) who are sold out for God for such ministry. People with big hearts for “fringe people,” who see them as souls for whom Jesus suffered and died, like you and me. People not afraid to hug dirty people and pick bugs off their plate. They may feel burdened about humanity and want to do something significant to impact lives for the Lord. They’ll be risktakers willing to make big life changes, and give up material comforts (to gain what they cannot lose) so they can finish well here. Faith needs to be in God and not in self. They’ve got to know and trust God and not give up when people oppose them, when then they fail and all looks hopeless. Come and let God do His work in and through you! Thanks, Will & Joanie Feuerstein (Contact them here).

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