Friday, June 22, 2012

Strength Returning and Margaret is Still Blessing Others

Greetings this rainy day in Seattle (surprise, surprise).  My strength is improving daily since my surgery.  On Father’s Day I preached, I have been walking a mile daily (one day two miles) and yesterday borrowed a lawn mower and mowed our small (but high and thick) lawn. As I am busy daily and on weekends with ACTION, Margaret is VERY busy caring for Dad Jespersen (age 99), me, and others. Her hobbies are quilting and knitting, but these quilts, knitted sweaters, and socks are always for others!  Today she is blessing several friends with a special tea and “beignets” (French doughnuts).  Our prayer target in “old age” is not to “settle in” but to keep moving forward with the gospel and for God’s glory!

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