Thursday, April 19, 2012

Godly Christian Sports Figures

by Doug Nichols

Bubba Watson won the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, on Easter Sunday afternoon. He made a fantastic shot on the second hole of the Sudden Death round.

I saw an interview with Bubba who shared about his love for his wife, his newly adopted son, and his faith in the Lord Jesus. He gave thanks to God, special honor to his mother who was at the tournament with him and father who died a couple of years ago. His wife was not at the tournament as she was with their newly adopted son of six weeks.

In the interview Bubba was very appreciative of others, his fans, his fellow golf colleagues, and was very gracious and kind to the interviewer. What a wonderful testimony of a man whose work is golf, but seeking to play for God’s glory!

It is interesting how several recent sports figures who are godly Christian men and are prominent in their sports, such as Jeremy Lin of the Nation Basketball Association, Bubba Watson of the Professional Golfers Association, and Tim Tebow of the National Football League.

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