Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Missionaries to Serve with ACTION Among 8-9 million Filipinos Who Are Overseas

Singapore (130,000) – to open a counseling center to help, counsel, evangelize, and disciple Filipinos

Hong Kong – at least 53 churches with 21,000 believers among the total 173,000 Filipinos. Missionaries are needed to help train leaders and encourage churches, to help prepare evangelism and discipleship materials, and help advise and counsel needy Filipinos. An airport evangelism meeting for 70-100 Filipinos daily.

Malaysia – 226, 000 Filipinos
Spain – 43,000 Filipinos
United Kingdom – 70,000 Filipinos
Austria – 6000 Filipinos
Saudi Arabia – over one million Filipinos! Some say as high as 50,000 evangelicals!
Kuwait -- 400,000 Filipinos
Hong Kong -- 400,000 Filipinos
Australia --100,000 Filipinos

Over 7.4 million Filipino Diaspora worldwide

There is the wonderful opportunity to help train and encourage Filipino Christians to reach out to other Filipinos in these countries and also to those with whom they work.

Funds earned have helped the economy in the Philippines, but at what cost?

700,000 Filipino workers leave Philippines yearly!

The Filipino Seafarers – send English and Tagalog tracts and literature to ACTION Seafarer missionaries:
John & Jean Van Hemert
Hans & Trudy Uittenbosch

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