Friday, December 9, 2011

Burnt Soup and Butter Biscuits with a Wonderful Wife!

A few days ago Margaret made an excellent lunch for several from ACTION. I went home at 11:15 AM to help her as she always prepares so nicely, but with all the care for dad, her time is limited.

Everything was great, but in our concern for setting a nice table, making tea, preparing the dessert and baking the biscuits, we forgot to stir the soup which burned! Margaret really makes great soup and worked on this so hard, but burned it was! Instead of throwing it out, however, we just added lots of hot sauce which helped to mask the smoky taste!

Results, we all enjoyed the “smoky” soup, salad, biscuits with Canadian honey, English tea, and dessert.

Why do I write this? Simply to say that even if the soup is burned, I would not trade my dear, godly wife for all the great meals in the world. Margaret is a great cook, wonderful homemaker, caring and loving wife, but her walk with God is what encourages my heart and helps set the example of Christ-like loving for His glory!

So, go ahead and pass the burnt soup. Living with such a wonderful person, anything tastes good! Glory!

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