Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Paying to be Re-baptized

Tours in Israel seem to be very commercialized. One runs from one place to another.

On the tour, many Christians want to be baptized in the Jordan River. Why? What is the spiritual significance of the water of the Jordan? Is it spiritual holy water?
To be baptized in the Jordan River you even have to pay for the privilege. Most evangelical Christians have already been baptized, so why be re-baptized, especially if you have to pay?

If you are a believer, and not been baptized, you need to obey the Lord and follow Him in baptism but once is enough. As for as going to the Israel, as one man told my father-in-law, “I would rather obey Jesus and take the Gospel to where He has never walked before, rather than go to Israel where Christ walked.” What about you?

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