Monday, December 14, 2009

A Few Suggestions for Living and Service (for new missionaries)

1. No Bible, no breakfast! Regular daily devotions. Be serious about this.
2. Read! Read! Read! Read good books and read the Bible through at least once
yearly! “Grow in grace and knowledge of Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).
Someone said, “If
you do not read, you will not grow.”
3. Live by faith.
4. Build friendships with local believers, unbelievers and fellow
5. Network for the glory of God.
6. Preach the Gospel to others and to yourself daily.
7. Practice hospitality whether you are single or married. Do this often.
8. Love, love, love. Learn to love the Savior, love saints, and love sinners.
9. Put on humility daily. “… clothe yourselves with humility toward
one another, for God
is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble,” (1
Peter 5:5b, nasb).
10. Be a servant of Christ by serving others. You get the coffee and
tea for others;
make sure others have a seat and are served before you; open the
door for others.
Remember manners are “the kindness of Christ in action.”

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