Thursday, November 5, 2009

Did Someone Forget the Kids?

Is There Really A Problem Here?

Global population is 6.7 billion and growing. At least 28% are under the age of 15. If we extend the age to 25, half our planet is youth. And half of these, according to the UN, are living in poverty. [CIA World Fact Book, s.v. “World;” Associated Press, “Half of Kids Suffer War, Poverty, AIDS.”] [Page 28]

…Christian children represent ten percent of the world’s total population. [“Tabel C,” IBMR, p. 30.] Patrick McDonald and Dan Brewster say, “Most people who make significant faith decisions do so before the age of 18, but less than fifteen percent of our efforts are directed to ministry amongst children. [Brewster and McDonald, Great Omission, 3.] [Page 28]

In a recent poll by the World Evangelical Association, two-thirds of the churches reporting from around the world indicated they had little or no ministry to children. One-third indicated a desire to make this a priority. [Kathleen J. Graham, World Evangelical Alliance, email to author.] [Page 28]

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