Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hey, Mister, can you spare a dime (10¢) for a cup of coffee?

I am now 67. This is considered old by many. When I was little, a cup of coffee was only 10¢. When someone begged on the streets, they would ask for a dime for cup of coffee. Now coffee is 75¢ to $1.

In these days of financial difficulty we are careful with our money; however, so much can still be accomplished with little. Even after giving to our church, most of us still have funds to use for God’s glory!

My wife and I give at certain amount regularly to our church and to ACTION. One thing I also try do daily is to set aside all my change at the end of the day, or at least one dollar. So monthly, the total comes to $30. All simply from the change in my pocket!

I use this change specifically for ministry to needy children. $30 means much to a needy child of the world. These funds take the Gospel to needy children; feed hungry children on the streets; send children to camp; and buy clothes, medicines, school supplies and uniforms, and Christian literature and Bibles.

It is wonderful to hear reports regularly from our team worldwide of the thousands of needy children who are reached with the Gospel and compassionate care simply as a result of prayer and a gift of 50¢, 65¢, or $1 from God’s people.

“So, dear friend, do you have some change to help a child?”

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