Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Six Small Christmas Projects of Less Than $6 for the Needy

ACTION is primarily a missionary-sending agency, but since much of our work in evangelism, discipleship and development is with the extremely poor and needy (especially with street and underprivileged children), funds are always needed.

The missionaries and ministries of ACTION are supported by God’s people, many of whom cannot give large amounts, but faithfully give and pray monthly.

The following is a list of six small projects for evangelism and compassionate care:

1. A small meal of a boiled egg, milk and bread can be served to a street child in the Philippines for only 48¢! Ten meals cost $4.80.

2. A child can be clothed in Malawi, Uganda, or Zambia for just a dollar; three children, $3.

3. An African-language, plastic-covered New Testament can be purchased for only $1.50.

4. You can provide a Christmas meal, party, and relief item or gift for a needy child in Africa, Asia or Latin America for only $3.50.

5. An orphan can be sent to a two-day Bible camp to hear the Gospel and receive compassionate care in Africa for only $6.

6. A set of theology books valued at $35 for needy pastors in India, the Philippines or Cuba for only $5.

These small amounts will help feed, clothe, and provide the Gospel to children and offer encouraging help to needy pastors.

As the Lord leads, please consider one or two of these small projects to the glory of God! Thank you for your teamwork in the Gospel!

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