Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Poor, Abortion, and War

Should a missionary speak regarding issues that seem political? Jesus and Paul taught involvement in all of life to the glory of God. My hero, Pastor Charles Spurgeon in London, was very political on things righteous!

Years ago, I became very interested in Africa and later African-American history, slavery, and civil rights issues. Through my study it was interesting to discover that the main party of the slave states was the Democratic party. It is the same party today which is pro-gay, socialist in leanings, pro-abortion, promotes higher taxes (which causes much unemployment and poverty), and big government which still keeps people in slavery in life and dependence. There is no real love and concern for truly helping the poor, but only keeping them in poverty and throwing money at them during elections!

For example, it is interesting that the Democratic presidential nominee was a community organizer in Chicago and is a senator for the same poor area of Chicago. This area is still extremely poor, unemployable and violent, yet he and his friends have become rich!

The Democratic party is aggressively pro-abortion! This is my main concern as a missionary of the Gospel and compassionate care to needy children!

1.2 million children are estimated to be aborted annually in the USA. Since 1973, 48.5 million Americans have been aborted (the holocaust of Nazi Germany was 6 million). If we expand the view worldwide, we, as human beings, are killing 42 million humans PER YEAR. That trumps capital punishment, disease, death from malnutrition or poverty, and all wars.

Abortion has decimated blacks in America to the point where in states like New York, 9 out of 10 black pregnancies end in abortion. These statistics are not part of a conspiracy group but come from the Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of Planned Parenthood (www.guttmacher.org).

I do not like the war in Iraq, but in compassion, if 17 are dying daily in Iraq with 3288 children aborted daily, what is the comparison? One death is tragic, but so are thousands! By the way, there were more violent deaths (123 people died from gunshot wounds) over the summer in Chicago, nearly twice the US combat death toll in Iraq over the same period (Chicago CBS TV station, World Magazine, October 18/25, 2008, p. 71). Is this not Obama’s city?

The other party (Republican) had the opportunity while it had the majority in Congress to correct many wrongs, but it seemed to instead want to win a popularity contest instead of leading and serving the country. So, the other party came into power and now we have the economic crisis caused by the Democratic party which now wants to even do away will all guidelines for shameful abortion!


Todd Braye said...

Isn't it good to know, in light of such things, that "Our God Reigns" and that he is in the heavens, doing whatsoever He pleases?!!

Al said...

I was very sad to receive this blog entry in the form of an email. The whole Democratic Party?—an enslaving, “they don’t really care about the poor,” anti-American personification of all that is evil? Obama?—a pseudo-champion of the poor, “while he and his friends get rich?” With the exception of the last paragraph (a feeble attempt at balance), I’m afraid that you have become politically captive to the Republican Party; except in your case, you’ve cloaked it in Christian garb. I don’t doubt your sincerity, but with all due respect, you showed no respect for those sisters and brothers who are voting for Obama after they’ve done painstaking research, prayer, and consultation. I’m not sure Charles Spurgeon would be all that proud of this kind of political involvement.

Pappi said...

I hold no candle for either party, and I'm disappointed at some simplistic statements here - (a) that the Democrats are in some way guilty and not the Republicans, of damaging the economy of the USA (b) the expectation that either of these political monsters will give anything but self-serving lip service to core Christianity.
Carnality is in control, and only by regeneration will the tide change - irrespective of party in power.