Thursday, June 5, 2014

Life is Too Short to Waste It On....

You have all heard this saying used about a number of things, such as "Life is too short to waste it on a bad cup of coffee!" Recently, however I heard it used by a pastor in teaching his people about goals and who actually said, "Life is too short to have an ugly wife" and then when on and on about his beautiful wife who had pretty fingers and could cook, etc. All of this said at the embarrassment of many in the church who were not pretty at all. Why do we emphasize the outward so much instead of character qualities? When our son began to be interested in the young lady who later became his wife, I ask him about her, and why he liked her so much? His answer did not deal with her beautiful appearance but, "Dad, I like her because she is so much like the Lord Jesus, she is like Mom, and she is so kind to everyone!"

So, you may have nice fingernails but does your character shine for Jesus in gracious kindness, love and concern for others?

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